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Moon enters Leo.

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Sep 26, AM. Moon enters Virgo. Sep 28, AM. Moon enters Libra. Sep 30, AM. Oct 2, AM. Oct 4, PM. Oct 7, AM. Oct 9, PM. Oct 12, AM. Oct 14, PM. Oct 17, AM. Oct 19, AM. Oct 21, PM. Oct 23, PM.

What Is an Astrology Moon Sign and What Does It Mean?

Oct 25, PM. Oct 27, PM. Oct 29, PM. Nov 1, AM. Nov 3, AM. Nov 5, PM. It will add characteristics of the planet that is touching your Moon. Notify me when new comments are added. Leave this field empty.

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Danny on March 9, at pm said:. Sarah on May 24, at pm said:. Shannon on June 11, at am said:. Yes if you do not have the exact time of birth and location it could be off by one sign.

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Doreen DeFilio on July 25, at pm said:. A Scorpio moon is a bit different than a Scorpio sun. Unknown on July 28, at am said:. Jacqueline on August 19, at pm said:. Miguel on September 21, at am said:. Swavy on November 8, at am said:. Rachael on January 2, at pm said:. Kayden on January 9, at pm said:.

Spirituality - Astrology - How to actually integrate your SUN and MOON signs!

Astrology Library on January 9, at pm said:. Kayron on July 16, at pm said:. Corrine Lane on July 17, at pm said:. Max on January 13, at pm said:. Kirti on January 26, at am said:. Priya on April 1, at am said:. Eli on July 9, at am said:. Chase Pierce on March 7, at pm said:. My zodiac sign is a Pisces but it says my moon sign is a scorpio, anybody know what this means? Kaeli Swanson on March 24, at am said:.

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Kristin on March 30, at am said:. K Alyse on April 1, at am said:. Welp I got a Libra moon and sun… pure Libra here…. Abriel Mills on April 11, at am said:. Ea on April 23, at pm said:.

Your Self-Care Rx, According To Your Moon Sign – Dooz

Beth on April 25, at pm said:. Many zodiac sign calculators are available online that make it easy to know your zodiac sign by name. The Moon sign plays a pivotal role in describing the emotional aspects of people. Moon is a water sign which rules the emotions and hence is considered as the most important part of Vedic astrology.

Find out your zodiac sign by name. Free astrology apps have made it simple to learn about the different zodiac signs. Zodiac sign calculators in these applications facilitate finding your Sun sign and Moon sign along with learning about your compatible signs, favorable days, favorable colors, gemstones and much more. Looking for something? What is Your Moon Sign?

Moon Sign Calculator

The different ways in which Moon sign impacts your horoscope are: The zodiac in which the Moon was placed at the exact moment of your birth is used to select the first letter of your name in different cultures. The Moon sign determines your fate to explain how you need to move towards your goals. The Moon sign is useful in defining the character, behavior and nature of an individual. The Moon sign is helpful in finding your compatibility with other beings on earth, especially with your mother, father, partner, children and siblings.