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He was a leading author of early Indian Literature in English. His book was rejected by almost every publisher.

Short Story - An Astrologer's Day by author R. K. Narayan - Complete story and analysis in HINDI

Narayan had sent his copy the book to his friend in Oxford, his friend showed the manuscript to Graham Greene. Greene recommended the book to his publisher and it was finally published in This book won him international acclaim.

Then followed a succession of novels and volumes of short stories which went on to establish his reputation as a narrator of simple tales with a human touch. Narayan was known to write in a simple language-of the dreams and aspirations of the average and middle and lower class Indian families.

Story Review: An Astrologer’s Day by RK Narayan

He told stories of gentle folk trying to live their simple lives in a changing world. His stories were characterized by simplicity and gentle humor. His stories were easy to read because of their simplicity. He wrote fourteen novels, five volumes of short stories and several travelogues and collection of non-fiction. An Astrologer's Day is a thriller and is filled with an uncanny suspense which is revealed only at the end.

An Astrologers Day

The story centers around an astrologer who had least intended to be an astrologer. A chance happening had forced him to leave his village and settle as an astrologer in the city. To attract his customers, he had a colorful bright appearance. Despite having no knowledge of astrology, he carried out his business efficiently by his wit, shrewd guesswork and power of observation. One day he was faced with a situation that brought him to the practical test of his intelligence.

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One night as he was about to leave, a stranger arrived and gave him an Anna and wanted to ask something. He said the astrologer had to return the money if the answers to his questions were not satisfactory.

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He felt ill-at-ease. He did not want to answer him but the stranger grips his hand and forced him to answer. The astrologer went on narrating how he was left to die after he was pushed into the well and a knife had passed through him.

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Immediately after this he called the stranger by this name, Guru Nayak. The stranger was filled with awe, admiration and a blind faith for astrologer. The astrologer told him that his attacker had been crushed under a lorry and had died. He warned him never to travel southwards as he could visualize a great danger to his life.

There is a sense of relief for the astrologer as he was successfully able to get rid of his enemy by his power of wit. My Point of View. The story is both exciting and moving. Malgudi days is a collection of short stories written by the famous indian writer- rk narayanthe stories are all in and around the place malgudithose were the stories whcih are included in our school literature syllabus also.

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