Aquarius weekly horoscope march 21 2020

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Aquarius 2020 Horoscope – Love, Money, Health, Career

Ready To Get Inspired? Send MSN Feedback. How can we improve? Check out what lies ahead for him in Aquarius is the 11th Sign of the Zodiac.

Aquarius Horoscope Predictions – Astrology King

While everything new and new-age enthralls the Aquarius natives, rebelliousness of any sort liberates them. Aquarius is known as the Sign of discoverers, inventors, adventurers and visionaries. Amiable and cheery by disposition, Aquarius-born tend to have a plenty of social charm. Aquarius natives may have a lot of acquaintances, but may have a very few close friends.

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Even if some Aquarius may seem to lead an entirely mundane life, on some digging, you would find that they have attached, somehow, themselves Venus in Sagittarius: Know how will Venus transit in Sagittarius impact your life. Seeing the things before they happen can really make you take intel Venus in Capricorn: In this article, know about the Venus transit in Capricorn and its effects on the 12 moon signs.

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  • Check out what is for you in this planetary Your domestic life will also continue to evolve in thanks to Uranus moving through Taurus and your home and family sector. While Venus is retrograde, it's possible that a situation with your children or with your in-laws will need attention. Don't worry, everyone really does want the same thing: peace. You might all have different ideas of how to achieve it, but during the Venus retrograde cycle, it will all get worked out.


    This might also be a time you decide to revisit a creative endeavor that used to bring you joy. Why did you stop?


    If it makes you smile, you should do it. And during this Venus Retrograde cycle, you are likely to realize that what brings your heart happiness is truly what you should be focused on. In , Aquarius, you will discover that your primary responsibility is to yourself and your contentment. Getting there will be quite the ride, but oh so worth it.