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A distinctive feature of the Virgo-Monkey can be considered her ability to adapt easily to any conditions. Is able to cope with all the sorrows and troubles, and without the help of others. This strong man does not lose the presence of the spirit, retains a sense of dignity in the most difficult situations. Attacks of a bad mood are quickly replaced by joy: why sadness and longing, if life is so beautiful?

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Monkey-Virgo is distinguished by increased activity, is not able to long boredom and mourn. He will find an opportunity to improve his position: he will come up with a new business, change his place of residence, or make useful acquaintances. In general, the Monkey-Virgo is a freedom-loving, purposeful and very independent person.

On the love horoscope, the Virgo-Monkey is a lively, direct and emotional person. Flexible in communication, easily adjusted to the interests of the partner. In this case, it is not just trying to surprise your chosen one or a chosen one, but is interested in the state of his affairs. He tries to help and support: it is important for him to see a happy person next to him. This sensitive, gentle partner, but not too constant: easily falls in love, often gets short-lived intrigues. In family life Virgo-Monkey manifests itself as a loving and caring partner, an excellent parent.

Having married, with all his might, he strives to become a good family man. Due to his prudence, prudence, Monkey-Virgo competently plans the future, does not experience any material problems. However, he does not lose his self-optimism, likes fun and entertainment.


In her house often sounds laughter, loud music. Although sometimes it needs solitude, especially in case of trouble — the family should treat this with understanding. The mobile, inquisitive Virgo-Monkey is interested in many things, but most of all gravitates towards creativity. Too restless to pore over difficult tasks. Although if really passionate about the business, will certainly achieve success.

Is able to perform responsibly any work, differs diligence and purposefulness. Has an excellent memory, but a little scattered and emotional. The Virgo-Monkey, even in professional activities, remains true to himself: a controversial and unpredictable person. The ambitious Virgo-Monkey seeks to occupy a high position in society: the opinion of others is important to her. However, he will not trouble himself with cares and troubles.

The MONKEY of the chinese zodiac

Perfectly gets along with people, makes the most favorable impression. In addition, it is easy to switch from one activity to another. This is an excellent organizer, a thoughtful worker, quickly reaches out for leadership positions.

Monkey-Virgo is especially in demand in creative professions, although it does not less successfully work in commercial structures. For a Virgo-Monkey man, every trifle is of great importance. This is a serious, practical person, tuned to achieve their goals. The Virgo-Monkey seems to exist in his particular world, where only he decides what is right. He needs seclusion, thinks a lot, and can support the company.

He is able to have fun and relax, but never forgets about the matter. The Chinese zodiac uses animals for its zodiac signs. Each of these animals has different traits, just like the people that are born in the years of a certain animal. The ninth animal in Chinese astrology is the monkey. The monkey has some interesting personality traits. These are given to the people who are born in one of the years of the monkey , , , , , , and Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. These monkey animal traits include being friendly, intelligent, adaptable, caring, fun-loving, and funny.

All of these traits can affect how their year goes, even when it comes to their horoscope for Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! This can either make things more exciting or more stressful.

Year of the Monkey

Things are likely to be a little more difficult until spring. If you can hold onto your relationship until then, you will have a great time for the rest of the year. Do not let lack of sex spoil your relationship. Once the summer hits, if you are still in a relationship, things will be much smoother and more romantic. If you are looking for love, then try to find it with your friends. The Chinese zodiac forecasts for the monkey suggest that you may be more nervous around your friends and family this year.

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Talking to children will be easier than talking to adults this year. When you need to talk to adults, plan out what you are going to say carefully. If you want to talk about pregnancy, do so after a lot of thought. The Monkey horoscope predicts that in the first quarter of the year of the pig , your workload will be a bit heavier than usual. Pace yourself with your work, or else you are likely to get too stressed out. Make sure that you keep yourself organized, and it will make things much more comfortable for you.

Monkey, take every new business opportunity that comes your way in , even if you are already busy. It will lead the way to success and advancement in your career.

Virgo Monkey Woman Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

Show off what you know to your coworkers and bosses. It could make you some new friends, and maybe even earn you a bonus as well. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! The Year of the pig predictions forecasts that this year the Monkeys will be rich.

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They will have enough money to spend on things that they need and want. This is a good year to upgrade your home and furniture. Or else, you could end up with some debt. Near the end of the year, it will be a good time to begin saving money. Start planning on what to spend it on next year. Test Now!

Year Of The Pig Predictions For Health The Chinese astrology for the monkey foretells that you should have enough energy to do all of the necessities. You will need to push yourself this year to keep yourself happy. No one else is going to.